Who are we ?


idax solves one of the most pressing technical issues facing companies today – what information do staff have access to and does that pose a risk?

Using predictive identity analytics, idax is the first company in the world to automatically analyse the access rights for an organisation, quantify the risk and determine who has excessive access requiring adjustment. Protecting digital information is critical for modern companies. Most cyber fraud is committed by employees.

But as technology becomes more complex knowing whether or not someone should have access to information is beyond the capability of traditional systems or the knowledge of managers. What is required is a new approach. Using proprietary algorithms, idax enables organisations to manage access changes in real-time making it possible to dynamically enforce the principle of “least privilege”



Mark Rodbert is the vision behind idax. As CEO, Mark has overall responsibility for strategic direction. Mark is passionate about analytics and the way it applies to business technology. He developed idax software to change the way that business leaders understand, quantify and mitigate identity risk.

With 20 years of experience holding senior positions as an operational risk professional, Mark understands the challenges facing large organisations. A leading authority on the subject of governance, compliance and identity management, he is also an Honorary Visiting Professor in the department of computer science at the University of York.

Other passions in his life include skiing, jazz and as an avid petrolhead he has even put in a pretty respectable showing in the Lands End to John o’ Groats rally

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Marc Bird looks after all sales and commercial activities relating to idax. He has over 30 years experience of selling many aspects of Information Technology to a wide range of markets including Banking and Finance, Legal, Retail, Telcos, Utilities and Manufacturing.

His roles have included consultative sales remits for large North American companies such as SHL Systemhouse and Hewlett Packard where he has led teams involved in complex managed service bids.

He was also involved in the start-up and development of a certain innovative cricket bat company that became high profile in the 2005 Ashes series. When he has any spare time he coaches football and cricket and indulges his passion for music by playing in a Cigar Box Guitar band – the infamous Tin Pot Commoners

E: [email protected] T: (44) 7429 368843


Professional Services

Iain Russell is Professional Services Manager at idax and uses his IT and analytics expertise to help solve organisational infrastructure problems.

Iain has 24 years IT experience at a senior level , working as a relationship manager, project manager and business analyst across a variety of industries, primarily in Financial Services.

With a degree in maths and statistics and extensive experience in Investment Banking, Iain focusses on delivering cost effective, process driven solutions to help clients improve their Identity Access Management.

Outside work he enjoys spending time with his family, cycling and writing music.

E: [email protected]          T: (44) 7789 433446



David Levett is CTO at idax and has worked at the leading edge of the IT revolution since he was in his early teens. He has over 20 years’ experience as both an entrepreneur and creating and delivering high performance enterprise analytics applications in risk management, forecasting, scheduling and process optimisation, for multiple global institutions.

With a PhD in Theoretical Physics, David uses novel mathematical approaches to solve ‘challenging’ problems. He architected and extended the idax predictive analytics engine, to model risk in complex organisations.

David loves sailing and mountain biking, is not very good at pottery but is learning to play the saxophone and ride a horse, though not at the same time. In his earlier days he was also a globetrotting windsurfer following the wind and waves.

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Raj Raithatha is an investor in idax and is responsible for long term business direction and financial control.  He brings 25 years of board level experience in telecoms and technology.

Raj has an outstanding track record of growing companies from their first wave of accomplishment to becoming multi-national, multi-market successes and saw the high growth potential in the cutting edge technology of idax. Raj uses his experience to drive forward the company and position idax as the leader in the field of IAM analytics.

In his spare time he has  penchant for cycling. In 2014 he crossed, Uganda. In 2015 he plans to cross Botswana and do a descent from Machu Pichu to the Amazon basin

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Grant Ford is an investor and on the board at idax. He contributes significant expertise in product development and business operations.

Grant left his role as IT director in investment banking to become involved in a number of rapid growth startups. In 2006 he founded ChangeBASE, an automated application compatibility testing company, and in 2011 sold it to Quest Software (now part of Dell).

Grant enjoys developing business ideas that change the way that people think and work through automated technology.

Outside of the boardroom, Grant loves baking and skiing.

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Business Development & Governance

Toby Priestly is an investor in idax and provides development, corporate governance and commercial management guidance.

Following a senior management career in Lloyds Reinsurance markets and large scale retail; Toby left the corporate world behind to indulge his passion as a serial entrepreneur and inventor. He now serves on the board of several companies.

In his spare time he loves socialising, is a jolly good chap and a quite excellent skier. He recorded 82mph downhill at Meribel in 2014, but has only managed the late 60s since – perhaps he is working too hard writing stuff like this these days?

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