Fast Scalable Analytics – The future of Identity Management. The last few years have seen technology platforms proliferate and with that has come increasing insider access threats. It’s becoming obvious that Identity Management (IAM) tools that were fit for purpose a decade ago are now struggling to manage the complexity and scale of access.

Those in a corporation, will be familiar with regular access reviews. An email arrives with a long list of staff, an even longer list of privileges, and a thinly veiled threat to take the review very seriously indeed. What is missing is any contextual information that might allow for a good decision. At heart this betrays a misconception about IAM risk. But this is also where analytics can deliver dramatic benefits.

In the past risk has been about counting: tickets processed and outstanding; time of reviews; or number of removals. That was fine, because that was all we could measure. But now we have the whole analytic toolkit, we can look at Identity Management differently – how unusual is the privilege, how is access distributed, what else do I have. At idax we see efficient processes as half an answer at best; process effectiveness is the new priority. Access reviews that through analytics focus on unusual, high risk patterns along with some context, starts to live up to the compliance obligation.

But solutions need to be fast and scalable, both to implement and run. There’s too much focus on the “Big“ not “Data“ with resulting escalating setup costs and inflated delivery time. The Idax mantra is that for Identity Management at least firms should demand useful insight in hours and dynamic information in close to real-time and our experience is that it its possible today.

Idax will be at Infosec Europe 2015, so if you’d like to see how tens of thousands of Access Rights can be analysed in seconds, and reviews can be reduced by 90%, then come and see us on the stand. If you’d like to try Idax why not come along with some sample data and we’ll run it through the Idax analytics engine.