We’re all very excited here at Idax towers about the launch of version 2.0 of Idax’s identity analytics engine next month. Codename Version “Euclid” we’ll be launching it at Infosec 2015 and really looking forward to showing friends new and old around it.

Idax identity analytics still analyses all your staff’s access rights; it still tells you who has access to what and more importantly what they shouldn’t have access to; and it still does it at lightning speed and without requiring any business knowledge or training.

But like its namesake the mathematician, Euclid solves some real world problems that have taxed people for some time. The major elements of the new release are:

  • A completely reworked dashboard that shows managers the information they really need.
  • A reporting suite that dramatically improves communication between technology, risk and management.
  • The ability to compare idax’s dynamically generated role profiles against those generated by the business, so the business can see Out of Role entitlements at a glance
  • And now the ability to customise entitlements reviews based on risk metrics. Test clients have seen a reduction of 80% in manager overhead with no increase in risk.

So come and see as at Infosec 2015 http://www.infosecurityeurope.com/en/Exhibitors/765599/idax-Software, but if you can’t wait, here’s some early advance screenshots of the new functionality. Click on the images to see in more detail.

Screenshot 2015-05-20 22.41.13 Screenshot 2015-05-20 22.46.53 Screenshot 2015-05-20 22.47.40