Supporting the foundation of good identity governance by providing in-depth analytics, decision support intelligence and identification of people with risky access privileges

Governance can be seen as the framework, processes and practices that support the strategic direction of a company and the ability to measure those processes and practices against risk, compliance and regulatory objectives. idax supports these processes and measurements enabling the principle of “least privilege”.

idax will derive group membership and manage dynamic role based access, automatically calculate toxic combinations and asset risk weightings, provide the analytics needed to manage key risk indicators and demonstrate compliance to internal and external audits, and provide the decision support to manage joiners, movers, new permissions and quarterly reviews.

Ways in which idax supports good Governance

  • Supports dynamic role based access ensuring that the correct staff have access to the correct information to do their job and no more

  • Provides metrics to drive Key Risk indicators allowing managers to reduce their risk with intelligent support information

  • Automatically derives rules for toxic combinations and application risk weightings while allowing for customisation

  • Allows security managers to demonstrate that company standards are being complied with for internal and external audits

  • Supports the quarterly review general control and dramatically reduces the workload of managers by prioritising only those people whose access poses a risk

  • Supports the process controls for joiners, movers and new permission requests by ensuring people are given the correct access for their role automatically and calculating, in real-time, the risk of any ad-hoc requests.