“Over the past 20 years, data analysis has become one of the primary factors for success in sport. We look at ten of the greatest sporting triumphs to date, made possible through the use of data analysis

Eleanor Dallawayhas written an excellent two part article in the Guardian on how data analysis has driven sporting victories over the past two decades:

Data and Performance analysis is shown time and again to overcome natural human assumption, preconception and inbuilt bias. It informs real improvement in performance and resulted in these victories.

For Example:

“BMW Oracle Racing’s victory in the 33rd America’s Cup

Without the data mining, Ian Burns, design coordinator for BMW Oracle Racing, says the boat wouldn’t have run as fast. The technology, he said, allowed the team to compare the incremental improvements in performance from the first day of sailing to the very last day.”


“England rugby team win World Cup in 2003

Woodward explains how the analysis platform removed the preconceived notions they had about how other teams played, and the turning point was in seeing the opposition as data, rather than teams they’d never beaten before.”

Ten data-driven sporting victories – part one

Ten data-driven sporting victories – part two