We make sure

the right people

have the right


We make sure
the right people
have the right

Product Overview

We make sure the right people have
the right access

Our automated analytics platform finds staff with excessive access and lets you fix it, because removing access from staff that don’t need it is one of the few proven ways to reduce insider threat.

Discover Risk

Use idax analytics to find
staff with access they
shouldn’t have and reduce
the chance of data loss.

Show Compliance

idax demonstrates regulatory
compliance with proven KRIs
that shows control actions
and effectiveness.


with idax tools you can engage
the whole company to reduce
risk and improve efficiency.

Identity Analytics with quick insights

idax is a pioneer in the emerging area of identity analytics. The idax solution is uniquely built around people. We find staff that have elevated risk from excessive access, and give management the tools they need to make well-informed decisions tracking success through intuitive reports and dashboards. Our approach reflects changing Identity and Access Management priorities, moving away from process efficiency and towards effective risk management.

The Risk Engine reads information from entitlement stores across your environment, cross references applications, infrastructure and unstructured data to produce a complete risk picture. This demands a unique solution that quickly and simply identifies risk and provides a user experience that motivates the team to manage risk.

idax protects you against insider threat by giving the right people the right information.

Live Demo

Set up idax in your own environment and
see it work with your data.

Risk Discovery

Get your Risk Discovery Report and start
fixing risks in your company.

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idax Risk Engine

Finding Risk

The idax Risk Engine maps entitlement stores and finds staff with more access than they need. It’s the heart of our analytics and feeds our platform and external systems giving visibility of where your risk lies.

idax Risk Manager

Mobilise The Team

idax Risk Manager is our state of the art, intuitive user interface that gives your team the tools to see access risk, understand it and fix it quickly and with confidence. Because tools that can be used by anyone are more effective than those that can’t.

idax Certify and Actions

Fixing the Risk

idax Certify & Actions gives you the tools to fix risks as you see them. Certification also means that you have an audit trail of decisions as you go.

idax Risk Reports

Measure your progress

idax Risk Reports allow you to track progress. Existing KRI reports are proven to drive risk reduction and give management confidence.

idax Policies and Rules

Setup for Success

idax Policies and Rules gives you the tools to enforce existing policies and mine new ones from your data.

idax Risk Discovery

Kick start risk reduction

Risk Discovery runs against your data, delivering key risk reporting straight away and reducing your risk immediately.

idax Regulation & Compliance

Evidencing Control

Evidencing compliance is a major idax deliverable. Many of our clients are in heavily regulated industries like Banking, Utilities and Gaming.