Idax, the IAM analytics software company, has today announced that the global cutting-edge geophysical services company, Shearwater GeoServices, has become the latest client using idax’s leading identity and access management analytics solution.
Idax, has today announced that Shearwater GeoServices have deployed idax to protect their entire digital environment from insider threats. Shearwater GeoServices joins a rapidly growing list of industry leaders across various sectors who are embracing idax unique analytics to manage data access privileges and reduce risk.
Shearwater GeoServices were looking for a tool that automatically identifies risk and supports their identity Governance Administration processes and controls.
The Idax Risk Engine analyses access rights, highlighting which employees have access to systems they should not. Results are provided within minutes, without any prior knowledge about your business. Idax’s Risk Manager then provides an intuitive user interface to make the results easy for line managers to understand and action. It also allows employees to self-manage their access privileges. Further, the partnership will see idax becoming a full-service provider.

Shearwater GeoServices IT Manager Steve Isherwood commented; “the reality is that one of the most efficient ways of reducing risk to organisations is by reducing employee access to only what they need to perform their role. However, achieving this has proved difficult. With idax we get full visibility over all access privileges as well as having a tool that highlights all employees with unnecessary access rights. This allows us to immediately reduce the risk to our organisation by implementing the ‘least privilege principle’. The analytics tool was both quick and easy to integrate providing us great value within days.”

About idax Software

Protecting digital information is critical for modern companies and as technology becomes more complex, knowing whether someone should have access to systems and data is beyond the capability of managers and traditional systems. What is required is a new approach.
Idax is the world’s leading identity analytics company, automatically analysing the access rights inside an organisation, quantifying the risk and determining which staff have access they shouldn’t. Using proprietary algorithms, idax enables organisations to manage access changes in real-time, making it possible to dynamically enforce the principle of ‘least privilege’.