idax, the IAM analytics software company, has today announced a strategic partnership with leading cloud security consulting firm, EA Optimised. The partnership is a key part of idax’s channel strategy, partnering with leading security innovation consultancies to deliver outstanding client solutions for the emerging cloud analytics space.

Idax’s partnership with EA Optimised comes after it launched Version 3 (V3) of its identity analytics platform earlier in the year. V3 of idax puts user experience first, giving staff the information they need to make the right decisions.

Specialising in Cloud Migration and Identity and Access Management (IAM), EA Optimised will offer idax’s IAM analytics platform to its client base, which includes organisations such as HSBC, One Family Mutual, The Home Office and Welsh Government.

Mark Rodbert, CEO of Idax, commented: “There is a great synergy with EA Optimised, as they manages entitlements in the cloud, on virtual machines and in containers across different platforms. As such, this partnership fits perfectly with our strategic direction to provide analytic security capability for enterprises. We are all really excited about working with EA Optimised to use our combined expertise for our clients.“

Iain Cox, CEO of EA Optimised, commented: “We see real client benefits in idax’s ground-breaking IAM analytics platform. It fits perfectly in our roster of partnerships, alongside Ping and Forgerock, and gives us complete client solutions for the cloud.“

In this time of ever-growing cyber threats, most organisations focus their defence on implementing solutions to prevent people from getting in – but what about the people who are already in? There is a significant, and largely underestimated, threat, which lies a lot closer to home. A staggering sixty six percent of organisations consider malicious insider attacks or accidental breaches more likely than external attacks. Whether they are the result of bad actors, collusion or unwitting accomplices, most breaches are simply about access and opportunity.

Idax’s platform analyses access rights, highlighting which employees have unusual rights compared to their peers. The technology gives results within minutes, without any prior knowledge about the workings of your business. The solution provides a modern, intuitive user interface to make the results simple and easy for line managers to understand and action.


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About idax Software

Using identity analytics, idax is the world’s leading company in automatically analysing the access rights for an organisation, quantifying the risk and determining who has excessive access requiring adjustment. Protecting digital information is critical for modern companies. Most cyber fraud is committed by employees. As technology becomes more complex, knowing whether or not someone should have access to systems is beyond the capability and knowledge of managers and traditional systems. What is required is a new approach. Using proprietary algorithms, idax enables organisations to manage access changes in real-time, making it possible to dynamically enforce the principle of ’least privilege’.

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